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Since 1991, Wild Peacock has been built as a specialist provisioner offering premier food service solutions and providing quality produce and dry goods to chefs. A legacy of consistency and outstanding customer service has been underpinned with warm, long-standing relationships with some of the best chefs in the country!

We tailor cost-effective product selections for hotels, restaurants, caterers, boutique food shops and private chefs, and deliver six days a week in Cape Town and surrounds with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Our sales team comprises experienced industry veterans who have spent time in kitchens, front of house or other hospitality fields. They speak ‘chef’ and are able to truly understand the needs of the service industry.

We provide suppliers with an established base of loyal and prestigious customers, and distribute their good seamlessly and on time. Our multi-temperature storage facility feeds a modern fleet of cold-storage vehicles to take the hassle and waste-risk out of the distribution and sales process. Our dedicated administrative team manages all the paperwork, from sales and marketing to debtors, operations, logistics and delivery. Suppliers can just focus on the farming, fishing, crafting, or whatever they do best.


Our modern distribution centre was designed to offer multi-temperature storage and versatile packing facility. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles delivers within Western Cape, South Africa with specialist third-party distributors servicing the rest of the country. (Please check rates before placing your order from outside the province.)

Wholesale services

  • Custom cheese selections
  • Advice on best cheeses available on a weekly basis and optimum ripeness
  • Custom ageing requirements
  • Affinage to custom requirements and suggestions to clients’ specific likes
  • Building custom celebration cheese towers and wedding cheese ‘cakes’
  • Advising on technical information
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