Irene’s Gourmet Vegan Cream Cheese 1kg

A wonderfully versatile plain and neutral cream cheese – great for use in sweet and savoury dishes.

Perfect for making desserts: cheesecakes, icing, sweet dips, ice cream etc.

Great for adding some creaminess to stews and soups.

The perfect ingredient for making savoury dips and spreads.

Naturally free from: Dairy, gluten, soy and palm oil

Ingredients: Water, vegetable oil (coconut), potato starch, vegetable fibre (chicory root, orange), vegetable protein (pea & rice), lactic acid, tara gum, yeast extract, Himalayan salt, potassium chloride, rosemary extract, vinegar, green tea extract, natural preservatives (natamycin, nisin).

Allergens: None

(Made in a factory that uses tree nuts, peanuts, soy and gluten.)

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, refrigerate & consume within 5 days.


Irene’s Gourmet was born March 2016 and started from humble beginnings. The inspiration came from Irene Margolis husband saying he would make the final change to vegan, if he could have a decent vegan cheese!
Irene’s Gourmet – We love what we do, and we love that what we do inspires positive change for the planet, people’s health and animals.

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