Indezi Kwaito –
Onion and Chive
- 350g unit

Kwaito (n: A type of Zulu music)
One of our stalwarts! This creamy, sweet gouda-style cheese is a hit with everyone.
Great on toasties, in all sorts of cooking, or just straight on a cracker.
Try all of our flavours: plain, black pepper, carnival peppers, smoked, garden herbs, onion and chive and caraway.


Indezi River Creamery was one of the first to offer South Africans high quality, mild tasting, easily accessible goats’ milk products.
We firmly believe that everyone should enjoy a good quality of life, despite health challenges they may face. For many people, cows’ milk is problematic and causes more distress than delight. One of those people is our own head cheesemaker, Barbara Robertshaw.
Our range of goats’ milk dairy products has been developed to ensure that you need not miss out on healthy breakfasts, nutritious snacks, or even a good ol’ cuppa.

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