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Dried Morel Superior Quality 30g

Morel Mushrooms are known for their honeycomb-like caps and their ability to make butter taste even better–no small feat! These ‘shrooms are nutty, meaty, and utterly delicious. They are perfect in cream of mushroom soup, stand-outs in omelets and quiches, and a delight all on their own, sautéed simply in, you guessed it, butter.


Looking for great mushroom flavor without all the hassle of fresh mushrooms? Dried mushrooms are the perfect way to get woodsy, nutty flavor into every bite, no matter what you’re cooking. Whether you’re using mushrooms as a complement to beef stew or chicken soup, or as a substitute for the meat in your favorite vegetarian rendition of a classic, our dried mushrooms are quick, delicious, and easy to use all year round.

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