Letters from HQ – EDITION 2

HUGUENOT ® Producer: Dalewood Fromage, Simondium, Cape WinelandsType: semi-hard, brushed rind, matureMilk: Jersey (pasture-fed, single herd)Available in: 25 kg wheels (cut into 1 or 2 kg wedges), 500 g truckles (pictured above) Uniquely South African, the Huguenot is moulded into huge golden cartwheels (largest heads produced in SA) and slowly matured for 6-12 months to unlock the flavours from

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Letters from HQ – EDITION 1

ST FRANCES OF ASHISI Producer: Belnori Boutique Cheesery, BapsfonteinType: softMilk: half cows milk, half goat ( 50% Bovine, 50% Caprino)Available in: 175/250 g tapered rounds. This is the newly crowned Dairy Product of the Year 2019 – proof of exceptional, sustained manufacturing practices and quality control. With its beautiful ashy appearance, its soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture and creamy taste, the

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