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The Little Big World of Microgreens

For a little leaf, the microgreen is a wonderfully diverse element in the culinary industry. ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’ springs to mind.

A relatively new component to fine dining kitchens, microgreens have exploded onto the scene with an array of colour, flavour, shape and texture to propel them to an essential part of every service. Used as a simple single leaf for a dash of colour or as a salad base for an assortment of flavours, these versatile petite leaves accompany any dish to provide that little something special.

The wonderfully small world of Microgreens has much to be explored and admired as the little leaf of abundance for the culinary senses. – Matthew Christian, Wild Peacock Farming Manager

The big beginning for Microgreens started with chefs and farmers coming together to find new and exciting produce. No longer does the chef want to walk through a crowded market to buy produce… they are out in the country side exploring every facet of farm life. It was during one of these collaborations that the chef stumbled into the farmers nursery where his seedings had just begun to germinate. The chef was amazed by the assembly of colour, shape and texture he had happened upon and, as if he had hit the jackpot, a flavour explosion!

From then on, the practice of microgreen-ing was sown. Microgreens are mostly known for their delicate addition to a plate as a garnish. From the reds and pinks of Amaranth and Beetroot, the purples of Radish and Kohlrabi, to the lettuce varieties from Asian and the Mediterranean providing the spread of greens, they collectively produce a kaleidoscope of garnish leaves.

More than the visual, Microgreens offer the palate with a carnival experience of flavours.

A spicy Radish bite for a salad, a nutty peppery Arugula for soft cheeses, bold Mustards for burgers or a steak, intense coriander for a curry, sweet popcorn on your desserts and a crunchy fresh Peashoot for where your creativity takes you.

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